MCA | Model Class A

Join as a model
and get

+ Rewards for posts

Get your posts rewards in form of tips.

+ Advertising revenue

Get profit from ads we display on your profile.

+ Sales of exclusive content

Get profit from sales of exclusive content.

We define exclusivity as limited access to only one person or group of people e.g. fans who expect exclusive content to have added value over standard content at an affordable price.

We don't approve inappropriate content such as pornography or posts advertising any sexual services.

+ Honored collabs

Get paid collaborations e.g. honored offers for photo shoots and product promotions.

+ Products free

Get products free of charge in exchange for promoting products on your profile.

+ TOP 10 bonus

Get a monthly bonus of €100 to €1000 based on the #ranking position:

  #1     -     €1 000     ≐     $1 050
  #2     -        €900     ≐        $950
  #3     -        €800     ≐        $840
  #4     -        €700     ≐        $740
  #5     -        €600     ≐        $640
  #6     -        €500     ≐        $520
  #7     -        €400     ≐        $420
  #8     -        €300     ≐        $320
  #9     -        €200     ≐        $210
#10     -        €100     ≐        $105

Bonus will be launched when at least one thausand models join the competition and paid out automatically in the form of credit on the last day of the month at midnight.

MCA merch soon

How it works?

Once you create a profile, upload profile photo and add posts...

The best posts may appear on the main page where it can be seen by many people and if you attract them and get your fans you will go up in the #ranking of the competition which means your profile will reach bigger audience that may tip your posts, purchase your exclusive content or send you credit.

Further platform features:

 Wallet allows to receive or send and pay out credit

 Messenger allows to communicate with users

 Board allows to have an overview of everything

How we pay out?

We pay to a bank account within 2-3 working days.

The minimum payout amount is €10.


We are here for you from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

If you have any question or need help please do not hesitate message us through support as a logged in user.